19 januar 2019 17:31

Wilson Staff D7-jern optimerer dit spil

Forside UDSTYR Wilson Staff D7-jern optimerer dit spil

Wilson Staff frigiver nye jern i D7 serien. Der er fokus på at optimere producentens RE-AKT-system, som tilbyder mere længde med en lave-jern, og yderligere nøjagtighed med det høje. For alle jern gælder det at, der tilbydes forbedret feel.Du kan læse Wilson Staffs engelske D7 pressemeddelelse lige her:

Wilson Sporting Goods officially launched the ground-breaking, super game improvementWilson StaffD7distance irons for the 2019 season.Combining the aesthetics from the award-winning FG Tour V6 and C300irons with ground-breaking game improvement technology, the new D7 line gives golfers greater distance and a more consistent performance during each round on the course.


With the “D” in D7 standing for distance, the new line of irons integrates Wilson’s RE-AKT technology to provide golfers power where it is needed most. Featuring three rows of Power Holes in the long irons (4-7) and Wilson’s thinnest club face ever, the D7 irons ensure golfers get maximum distance due to the greater responsiveness off the club face.


“The D7 line is our latest installment of game improvement irons that will give golfers increased distances on the longer irons and precision with the shorter clubs,” said Jon Pergande, Manager, of Wilson Golf Club Innovation. “Our RE-AKT technology and ultra-thin, responsive club face increases ball speeds to help produce maximum distances, while the shorter clubs give golfers a greater feel and more distance control.”


With fewer Power Holes than the longer irons and optimized weighting, the shorter D7 irons are ideal for golfers seeking maximum feel and precise distance control when approaching the green.


The new design aesthetics of the club face include straighter lines, a cleaner topline and improved weighting.The irons are outfitted with Recoil Series Graphite shafts, available in A, R and S flexes at 65 grams. KBS Tour 80 Steel shafts are also available in R and S flexes.


D7 jern-serien er en del af en række nyheder fra Wilson Staff, der indeholder følghende:


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