29 marts 2018 11:03

Får penge for din gamle afstands-måler

Forside UDSTYR Får penge for din gamle afstands-måler

€50 svarende til kr. 375 kroner, er hvad Bushnelle der lige nu stormer frem på markedet, tilbyder for din gamle afstandsmåler. Pengene får du ved køb af et nye Bushnell range finder produkter, så længe det er fra 2018-sortimentet. Ved køb af et Bushnell ur, får du 25 euro i rabat, svarende til 185 kroner. 

Du kan her læse den fulde pressemeddelelse fra bushnell. Tilbuddet starter den 1. april, men er dog god nok trods den drilske dato.

Bushnell Golf, the number one brand in Distance Measurement Devices (DMD), has launched an exciting initiative that allows golfers to get money back on the purchase of a new 2018 Bushnell product when they trade in any branded DMD.

Starting from 1st April, golfers who trade in any branded Golf laser rangefinder or Golf GPS device, will get €50 back from the purchase of a 2018 Bushnell laser rangefinder or get €25 off when buying a new 2018 Bushnell Golf GPS watch.

“The new trade-in offer provides golfers with a fantastic opportunity to save money when upgrading to a new 2018 Bushnell product,” said Thomas Disch, Sponsorship and Marketing Manager for Bushnell EMEA. “What’s more, it doesn’t need to be a Bushnell product that’s traded in – it can be any brand of laser or GPS device.

“The 2018 Bushnell range represents our most advanced line of all time,” added Disch. “Our market-leading lasers like the Pro X2, Tour V4 and V4 SHIFT continue, whilst we’ve also introduced the incredibly-innovative Hybrid, which offers both laser and GPS technology built into the one device. The EXCEL GPS watch has been joined by the new iON2 GPS Golf Watch that has built-in Bluetooth, as well as a clever reversible strap.”

The super-intelligent new Hybrid delivers precise distances to the pin, front and back of the green through its laser function, whilst a GPS display on the side of the product offers front, middle and back yardages to help when golfers have blind shots or need quicker, more general information.

The new iON2 watch boasts Bluetooth technology which works in sync with the Bushnell App, meaning the golfer can make course updates quickly and easily through their mobile phone. The new reversible strap ensures golfers can choose between black and blue or silver and green colourways.

For more information on the Bushnell Golf family of laser rangefinders, GPS watches and devices, visit the company’s website.