01 november 2017 11:22

Introducing XXIO X

Forside UDSTYR Introducing XXIO X

Alton Hampshire, 01.11.2017. Srixon Sports Europe is pleased to announce the introduction of the new XXIO X Series, the 10th generation of the No. 1 Premium Brand in Japan.

The XXIO series have evolved through nine generations since its debut in 2000, and have been the No.1 seller in Japan for 17 consecutive years*. While the core concepts for the XXIO brand remain “distance”, “forgiveness” and “exhilarating impact sound”, golfers of all abilities will find the new XXIO X series so much more advanced and attuned to their needs than ever before. For golfers who want to achieve greater distance with an easier and more enjoyable swing, the XXIO X clubs will be strong allies on the course.

The XXIO X Driver offers high trajectory with exhilarating feel,  whilst you will “Experience Easier Distance” which allows every golfer to hit the ball on the sweet spot and gain more distance, By featuring “TRUE-FOCUS IMPACT TECHNOLOGY” – a synergy effect between the newly developed „Smart Shaft Technology“ and the new head that maximizes COR performance at the sweet spot. Compared to the previous XXIO 9 series, the XXIO X Driver adds more distance and forgiveness, yielding the longest distance in  XXIO`s history.


Accompanying the XXIO X Driver are the new XXIO X fairway woods and hybrids. Both are made to the same precision as the new Driver. Designed to promote a tighter impact dispersion and are ready to attack the green.The XXIO X fairway woods and hybrids are equipped wit a maraging body and a hot forged steel face to provide “Experience Easier Distance” which allows every golfer to hit the ball on the sweet spot and gain distance more easily.


The new XXIO X Irons are easy to launch, provide longer distance, forgiveness  and have a sleek modern look – simply the best quality irons in the history of XXIO. The  4 piece high tech head technology including two high density nickel tungsten weights, which are strategically placed for great performance throughout the set. Combined with stronger lofts and the newly developed longer shaft that will help Golfers to launch the ball with ease.

Lionel Caron, President Continental Europe, said: Our engineers from Japan have provided us with a great new product line which undermine our 17 years of excellence in this category of clubs. I am looking forward to two successful years with this fantastic new product  line.


The New XXIO X Mens will be available from mid December 2017 onwards.


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*No. 1 in annual sales for 17 consecutive years in Japan according to a survey conducted by YANO Research Institute Ltd. of total sales of woods and irons by sub-brand, based on aggregate over-the-counter sales at major retailers throughout Japan (results from 2000 to 2016).