13 juli 2016 09:04

Maurice Allen slog Michael Jepsen 438 yards drive

Forside UDSTYR Maurice Allen slog Michael Jepsen 438 yards drive

American Maurice Allen won clearly the fifth tournament of the Long Drivers European Tour after winning the final of the Czech Republic LDET Championship against Danish Michael Jepsen in two sets with two best shots of 376 and 368 yards. Allen sums up his second win of the season and equal the Swede Emil Rosberg, eliminated in 1/8 final against all odds.

Michael Jepsen

Michael Jepsen

The tournament was held for the first time at the Golf Club Praha. The hitters had to face the challenge of playing in the hole #4, where the landing area of the balls had a slight uphill. Throughout the day, on every hit, they tested their strength and expertise. The headwind also conditioned the games, especially from the semi-finals.

In the morning, in the two qualifying groups, the long drivers did not reached the 400 yards, but they were close with marks between 363 and 383 yards. In the afternoon, in the Match Plays, Maurice Allen was the only one who pass the line of the 400 yards and registered the best marks of the day with 420, 428 and 438 (the longest ball of the championship sponsored by Williams Racing Golf).

Allen took his second victory of the season and equalled in wins the Swedish Emil Rosberg, eliminated in the 1/8 against Michael Jepsen. Allen had to beat Didier Labatut (FRA), Matt Nicolle (ENG) and Vincent Palm (GER). Meanwhile, Jepsen beat Rosberg, Aleksi Kivini (FIN) and Alexander Cedervall (SWE). Both offered a great show to the Czech audience.

The LDET Tour will make its sixth stop in the Hungary. The Tour comes to this country for the first time. The championship will be held at Zala Springs Golf Resort, located in the town of Zalacsány at the west of the country. It will be held from Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July.