15 december 2017 07:55

Tyskerne bruger flest penge på golfrejser

Forside Nyheder Tyskerne bruger flest penge på golfrejser
Her kan du læse en engelsk pressemeddelelse, som fortæller at tyskerne bruger 25% flere penge på golfrejser, i forhold til hvad de gjorde for blot 5 år siden. Og det er ifølge undersøgelsen. også tyskerne der bruger flest penge når de rejser for at spille golf. Læs med her under:
German golfers spent more on their ‘non-domestic’ golf holidays in the last 12 months than their counterparts from the UK, France and Sweden, with an average spend of €2,041, a new survey has revealed. The report produced by SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC., the official research partner of International Golf Travel Market (IGTM), was revealed today at the event and highlighted the average spend by German golfers has increased by 25% when compared with survey results from 2012.
Based on responses from more than 9,500 core golfers (those playing at least 12 times per year) across Europe’s four largest golf markets, the report also shows that German golfers booked longer golf breaks, with an average stay of 6.9 days.
French golfers spent the second most on their golf holidays, with an average spend of €1,777, an increase of 13% from 2012, and stayed 5.7 days, while Swedish golfers spent €1,080 with a stay of 6.6 days. UK golfers spent the least with an average spend of €946 per golf holiday, down 12% from 2012, and a length of stay of 5.8 days.
Commenting on the research, Peter Grimster, Exhibition Manager at Reed Travel Exhibitions, said: “As with the survey we commissioned in 2012, this 2017 report sheds a light on the behaviours of golfers from Europe’s largest golf markets.
“While golfers from the UK and Sweden have reduced their average spend slightly over the last five years, the results clearly demonstrate the ongoing opportunities for tour operators to sell to an audience of core golfers, particularly in Germany and France, who continue to spend a considerable amount of money when they book their golf holidays.”
The research also indicated that Spain remains the first choice of golf destination, with at least 14% of all golfers from each market visiting the country for a golf break in the last 12 months. The second most popular golf destination for golfers from the UK, Sweden and France was Portugal, while for German golfers, the second most visited destination was Austria, with 13.4% of people taking a golf holiday to the country in 2017.
The survey also asked golfers from all four countries to select potential emerging popular golf destinations, with South Africa, Turkey and Thailand all identified as key growth markets. Of the UK golfers surveyed, 39.1% identified Turkey as a key emerging market, while more than 24% of Swedish and German golfers chose South Africa as a place they would like to visit for a golf holiday in the future.
Peter added: “Although it has been a regular feature on the European Tour schedule for many years, it is interesting to see South Africa continue its emergence as a key market for European golfers. With a growing number of South African destinations exhibiting at the 2018 edition of IGTM, it is pleasing to know that IGTM continues to accurately reflect the global golf tourism industry.”
A copy of the published report is available from www.sportsmarketingsurveysinc.com

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